“So great was the rhythmic swing, pictorial effect and overall vitality that listeners near the stage seemed in danger at times of having the music dance right into their laps.” – Berkshire Eagle

Welcome to the Berkshire Bach Society, which is dedicated to sharing the vast and wonderful repertoire of music by Johann Sebastian Bach, his contemporaries, the composers who influenced his work and those he inspired to achieve musical timelessness. Berkshire Bach seeks to reach the broadest possible audience for the works of J.S. Bach and his musical peers, mentors and followers, engaging the finest musicians available.

As the oldest continuing member-based non-profit music organization in Berkshire County, Berkshire Bach focuses primarily on the music of Bach and his period, enriching audiences with concerts that range from solo instrumental recitals to large choral works with full orchestra.

Each exposure to the music of Bach adds another vista to a listener’s universal music experience and has the capacity to fundamentally transform and deeply inspire a person in unexpected ways.

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